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Does Your Patient Qualify For Home Healthcare?

Medicare, and most private insurers, have the following two main-criteria when qualifying for home healthcare:

  1. The patient must be homebound

    Please note, “homebound” does not mean “bed bound.” The patient may still be able to leave the home for activities like religious services, medical visits, a graduation party, etc., but there has to be a considerable and taxing effort involved. If your patient needs the assistance of a second person, a walker, wheelchair, cane or any other such supportive device, your patient can still qualify for home healthcare.

  2. The patient needs intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or speech-language pathology, and/or a continuing need for occupational therapy

    Medicare defines intermittent skilled-nursing as fewer than seven (7) days a week, less than eight (8) hours a day, for periods of 21 days or less; with extensions in exceptional circumstances, when the need for additional care is finite and predictable.

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