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Exceptional healthcare in your home

Mission & Vision

Oahu Home Healthcare is committed to providing exceptional healthcare, in your home. Our vision is to be the highest-rated home-healthcare service provider in the State of Hawaii.

To our patients, we will provide you and your caregivers with a team of highly-qualified professionals. Together, with your physician, we will create a plan-of-care designed specifically for your needs. We will help you improve your health and reach your goals.

To the healthcare professionals referring to our company, we will provide you with prompt service, open communication, and a meaningful partnership. We understand that we serve as an extension of your business, and we appreciate the trust that you place in us. Our goal is to help you and your patients achieve successful outcomes.

To our employees, we will provide you with respect, direction, and a first-class opportunity. Oahu Home Healthcare values each employee that joins us, and we aim to provide excellent wages, an environment of trust, and a unifying drive to achieve greatness. Together, with our dedicated and hard-working staff, our goal is to build the highest-rated home-health agency in Hawaii.